Dear participants,

We have attempted to address the most frequently asked questions regarding the competition. If you still cannot find the information you are looking for, please write us an email at procello@procello.pl.


How to make a proper recording?

  1. The video should capture the entire posture of the violinist/violist and be presented from the right side of your profile (to see your bow hand 😊). For cellists, it would be better to record it frontally and in landscape mode.
  2. The video should be recorded in one take – we do not accept cutting and editing. For repertoire requirements for each section and category, please visit www.bachsolocompetition.pl.

How to share my video with the jury?

  1. A link to your performance (successfully placed on YouTube) should be attached to the application form.

Do I need to play form memory?

  1. During your live performance in Poznań (the 2nd stage of the competition), you need to play from memory. When it comes to the recording, we accept you having music scores in front of you 😊.

Do I need to play all repetitions?

  1. We kindly ask you not to include any repetitions in your piece. This request applies to both the first-stage video recording and live auditions during the second stage in Poznań.

Will I get the possibility to practice?

  1. During the second stage of the competition, participants will be provided with practice rooms at least 60 minutes before their audition slot. Additionally, there will be some more available rooms for competitors, but their number is limited.

Will I get free accommodation?

  1. Unfortunately, no. Organizers will not provide you with accommodation.

Rules of the competitions, other regulations and required repertoire

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