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Second stage competition results

second stage results

Category Viola Student
I’st place – Agnieszka Podłucka

II’nd place ex aequo – Michał Kubica
II’nd place ex aequo – Aleksandra Borowik

III’rd place – Wiktor Rudzik


Category Viola Music School

I’st place – Jan Cieszyński

II’nd place –  —
III’rd place – Adrian Chrzanowski


Category Violin Student

I’st place – —

II’nd place – Maria Sosnowska
III’rd place – Marta Dettlaff


Category Violin Music School

I’st place – Amelia Mońko

II’nd place – Zuzanna Horna

III’rd place – Natalia Kwiatkowska


Category Cello Music School

I’st place ex aequo – Filip Krzeszowiec
I’st place ex aequo – Fryderyk Midor

II’nd place ex aequo – Piotr Olesz
II’nd place ex aequo – Radosław Garbiec

III’rd place – –


Category Cello Student

I’st place ex aequo – John Mackenroth
I’st place ex aequo – Zuzanna Sosnowska

II’nd place – –

III’rd place – Mikołaj Cieślak

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